A directory of ways for freelancers to find work: freelance job websites & services to match freelancers with projects.

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Curated Matching Services

Managed clubs that vet both freelancers and client projects.

“Connecting the world's most innovative companies with the best freelancers in town. Minus the middleman.”

Based in London, launched in 2012, with a focus on the creative industries and startups. Short sequence of application forms to apply.

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“A marketplace for top developers and top companies”

Global platform for remote work, launched in 2010. Application process involves a series of online interviews, e.g. over Skype.

“Want to bring your idea to life? We'll match you to top US based developers.”

Application is via a short form. US only.

“Built by hackers. Raised by hustlers. We're defining the future of remote work.”

Remote work matching service. Freelancers must have a history of open source work visible on Github to apply.

“Quality, curated freelancers. OnSite (or off). No middle-man. No percentage.”

London-based, focused on the creative industries. Submit an existing portfolio website to apply.

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“WriterAccess is a content writing platform that connects freelance writers with thousands of great clients.”

Agency for professional writers. US-based writers can apply with their resume and fill out a profile for review.

“On-demand hardware expertise”

Project matchmakers for electrical and mechanical engineers. Application process is multi-stage but with just an email address to start.

“The best is all we've got.”

Montreal-based matching service focused on web & mobile digital projects (previously named "oomf"). Application requires submission of an existing portfolio site and selected work samples using a wizard.

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“A community for developers to share, showcase and find quality freelance gigs.”

Pre-launch. Based in the USA. Apply using a Github account.

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10x Management
“The world's best actors and musicians have agents. The best programmers and tech professionals should, too.”

Application process is a short form, interviews, reference checks, and code review.

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“Handpicked digital creatives working remotely.”

Application is via a wizard, including portfolio items.

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“We work hard to make your business or project experience stress free by providing the best fit for both business and independent professional alike.”

Currently in pre-launch beta phase. Application is via a short form.

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“Promote your skills. Find new work opportunities. Get instant notifications of relevant work.”

Application requires a Twitter account and involves setting a list of skill keywords.

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“A private community of hand-picked designers”

An online portfolio is required to be apply. The application form asks for a short biography.

“Connecting companies with top strategists for micro-consulting projects.”

London-based platform for matching freelancer strategy consultants with projects. Sign-up optionally uses LinkedIn. Applicants must complete a profile of previous projects but projects can be perused before doing so.

“Trouvez le freelance qu'il vous faut”

French freelancer matching platform. Application is via a multi-page form. French language speakers only for now. International launch is in 2015.

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Working Not Working
“Hire the Universe's Top Freelance Creatives”

Invite-only community of creative freelancers, based in the US. Membership by invitation and approval only.

Envato Studio*
“A community of handpicked designers and developers available just for you.”

Focussed on buyers of freelancer services. Envato search for new freelancers themselves, but you can register your interest in joining via their FAQ page.

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Concept Cupboard
“Find students & graduates to create, design & more”

Matching service for UK students and recent graduates (sister service to Coding Cupboard). Application involves building a profile on the service in multiple stages.

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Coding Cupboard
“Find students & graduates who can write code”

Matching service for UK students and recent graduates (sister service to Concept Cupboard). Application involves building a profile on the service in multiple stages.

“Handpicked WordPress experts”

WordPress specialists. Apply by email (address on the Codeable home page).

“Talents Online WOrk GLObally”

UK-focussed freelancing marketplace. Will also including management, legal and accounting freelancers. Launching soon. Pre-application currently requires a name and email address only.

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Freelance Job Boards

Forums where clients post jobs and freelancers can respond.
“ has been helping freelancers find work and clients find freelancers since 1999.”

Global but UK-focused.

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“Find developers, find jobs”

Programming Bids
“Bid on Freelance Programming Jobs, Find Freelancers, Find Programming Work & Freelance IT Service Jobs”

“Reduce Your Development Costs”

HN Hiring

A collection of all Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? posts made to Hacker News (at the start of each month).


Major Marketplaces

The biggest sites for bidding for work – many jobs and millions of users.

Ads for Freelancers

How To Thrive
As A Freelancer Developer
by Steve Jalim

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